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There is a need to restore the balance of power to pregnant women and also acknowledge the importance of a positive birth experience, this why I created this platform to share my knowledge and support to offer some training to women out there who need it.


Meet The Puah Midwife

I am a qualified Nurse,  Midwife and public health practitioner,  I have worked as a midwife for over 13 years in different NHS hospitals in the UK , both in the hospital and community settings.

Running my own Antenatal and postnatal clinics, conducting home births and offering support and advice to the women under my care. I am also a mother of 3, an 8 year old and 6 year old twins.

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Why read my blogs?


My blog is a convenient source of information which is constantly updated with recent research around pregnancy, childbirth and parenting. My blog offers people the opportunity to come together and be empowered, having worked as a midwife for over 13 years my opinion on certain maternity issues are based on my knowledge and experience. I am open to discussing topics as requested by my blog readers and will do my best to respond to questions. My blog gives people a chance to comment and state their opinions on issues. It is a learning space for every woman. 

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Happy Customers

I have been blessed to know Ify as a friend and my favourite midwife. She was very actively involved during the delivery of my twins. Offering advise and proactive support throughout my pregnancy and birth.


Mom of four

I want to thank you for giving me and my wife the opportunity to have the most amazing birthing experience. We felt safe and confident in your care


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